2024 Custom Home Design Trends Unveiled, Part 2- Décor and Lighting

In our last article we brought you trends focusing on the colors bringing life to customs homes this year. This month will focus on the décor and lighting. Once again bid adieu to the familiar and embrace the innovative as we continue to showcase the trends that’ll make your custom home special this year.

Vintage Revival

In a nostalgic nod to the past, vintage finds its place in contemporary interiors, breathing new life into decor schemes. From cherished heirlooms to refurbished furniture pieces, integrating vintage elements adds a distinctive charm to homes while remaining budget-conscious. Embrace the timeless appeal of vintage treasures, infusing your space with character and personality.

Elevated Hardware

Elevate your home's aesthetic with hardware updates that exude elegance and sophistication. Brass reigns supreme as the material of choice, imparting a luxurious touch to kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Opt for organic textures that tantalize the senses, adding visual and tactile richness to your living spaces.

Stone Sinks and Integrated Design

Embark on a journey of integrated design with the rise of stone sinks as a coveted feature in kitchens and bathrooms. Enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, stone sinks elevate the allure of interior spaces, while stone-front aprons make a bold statement in kitchen design, infusing spaces with timeless elegance.

The Art of Layering

Unlock the art of layering in 2024, as vintage decor finds synergy with contemporary furnishings to create inviting and curated spaces. From throw blankets to accent pillows, layering adds depth and warmth to interiors, fostering an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation.

Wall Treatments Take Center Stage

Transform mundane walls into captivating focal points with the resurgence of wall coverings. From wood paneling to wallpaper and mural paintings, explore diverse options to infuse spaces with personality and visual intrigue.

Illuminate with Lamps

Illuminate your home with the soft glow of lamps, imparting a sense of warmth and intimacy to every corner. Embrace the allure of ambient lighting, with lamps adorning every end table, infusing spaces with a cozy ambiance that invites relaxation.

Redefining Lighting Choices

Bid adieu to recessed lighting as discrete flush mounts and decorative fixtures take center stage. From chandeliers to sconces and pendant lights, explore a diverse array of lighting options to enhance functionality and style in your home.

It’s not too late to start upgrading your custom build and seek a more refreshing aesthetic. Use as many of the suggestions offered in this and the preceding article to redesign your custom home and new life into it in 2024.

By Churchill Homes Staff 6-1-2024